GB Resources Group is committed to sustainability

At GB Resources Group, we work hard to raise the bar in the three pillars of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

When it comes to social sustainability, we provide a safe working environment and frequent employee training and education, resulting in highly skilled employees, in addition to meeting all government licencing requirements.

With respect to environmental sustainability, GB Resources Group is diligent about continuously improving our processes and procedures, and upgrading to leading-edge equipment to ensure that 100% of the materials arriving at our facilities are 100% recyclable. Within our facilities, we use green material-handling equipment both indoors and outdoors. For example, all hoppers and lugger containers are sealed to prevent the leakage of machine oil and contaminated water into the ground. Our special services include plant clean-ups, where we can handle your obsolete machinery and assist in yard or warehouse clean-ups. At our scrap yards, special detection machines ensure that no hazardous radiated materials ever enter our site. Recently, we expanded our facilities to provide end-to-end recycling capabilities while continuing to adhere to the strictest environmental laws and regulations.

In the area of economic sustainability, we ensure that the quality of our output or end products is high and therefore in demand. This maximizes the return to our clients.

We recycle for the future

According to the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, recycling used materials and products is a winning situation for both Canadian business and the earth, because it reduces environmental problems, cuts greenhouse gas emissions, trims energy requirements, and maximizes the use of the planet’s finite natural resources.

At GB Resources Group, we help you to do business in a greener, more sustainable way, generating benefits to the environment overall by recycling metal and scrap, and diverting waste from landfills, while creating valuable skilled jobs.

Being green is not only the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do. How can we help your business to be more sustainable? Contact us today for a free assessment.