Scrap Metal & Auto Recycling

We provide scrap metal recycling services for the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, as well as households. In fact, we are a fully integrated recycler; we purchase and re-sell used equipment, machinery and scrap metals.

Our capabilities also include auto recycling, marketing/trading, and electronic waste or e-waste. To provide the best service, we try to market your scrap for the highest value. By conducting an on-site evaluation of your company’s recycling program, we can help you maximize your revenue and minimize your disposal costs.

Our expert team separates and processes ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with documentation supplied regarding guaranteed product destruction. Our on-site torching crew can handle all oversized material and equipment.

GB Resources Group locations feature public weigh scales for purchasing all types of materials, including aluminum, copper, brass, insulated electrical wire, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, zinc, lead, carbide, radiators, transformers, ballasts, electric motors, lead acid batteries, end-of-life electronics, cast iron, auto cast, steel and more. We market scrap metal based on commodity and chemistry analysis, to get the highest possible prices for our customers.

Auto recycling

We provide auto wrecker facilities where the public can drop off their end-of-life vehicles. After purchasing these automotive vehicles, we remove the catalytic converters and drain the fluids, in a process supervised by a professional engineer, meeting all environmental requirements. In fact, we recycle every part of the vehicle – from the plastic gas tank to the metal radiator – so that nothing needs to go to landfill.