Being Different in 2013!

February 6th, 2013 | Blog, News

In a recent conversation with a recruitment colleague she informed me that her Anthem for 2013, is to do things differently at home and at work, this is important if you are looking for different results. It is common for most of us, at the start of a new year to reflect on what we want to improve – more wealth, better health, lose weight, and drive better results at work. This naturally evolved my thinking into reflections about embracing change and Rolf Smith’s 7 Levels of Change model.

Do the right things. This reminds me of the 80/20 Rule and focusing on getting what is most important out of the way first.

Do things right. Over the years I have learnt that short cuts in business always come back to haunt us. Often we rush to meet deadlines take shortcuts only to have to start all over again. Following procedures and pursuing efficiencies each and every time saves us in the long run.

Do things better. It is important to constantly improve on previous work. Listen to suggestions and think about ways to make improvements, each and every day.

Do away with things. We need to stop doing what doesn’t count and become more productive. Eliminate waste. Our entire industry is focused on managing waste – reduce, reuse and recycle.

Do things other people are doing. Keeping up with best practices could be a challenge however, it provides the opportunity for a time out to reflect and learn from other experiences.

Do things that haven’t been done. A great example is leveraging technology in our day to day work. Taking some risks especially if the reward is improved client satisfaction.

Do things that can’t be done. This makes work exciting for the out of box thinkers while leaving the “nay sayers” behind.

At GB, as we embark on a new year we are focusing our efforts on being different. In marketing differentiation is key to success and growth. As we reflect on the coming year, we will embrace change, be different in every way – at work and home, with our teams, clients and suppliers.

Innovation: small changes that create value each and every day!

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