Beyond the Media Headlines

May 16th, 2012 | Blog, News

On May 1st, 2012 the Toronto Star featured an article entitled “Manufacturing conditions improved in April”.  According to the Star, “as the economy south of the border strengthens, we expect the Canadian manufacturing sector will continue to reap the benefits of the increasing U.S. demand for key Canadian exports”.  It also noted that the China manufacturing indices reported gains. This article is in marked contrast to the Globe and Mail October 15th, 2010, article entitled “Why Canada’s manufacturing sector is dwindling”.  The latter is typical of the doom and gloom manufacture sector news that have prevailed the airwaves and print media over the last couple of years. This is great news for many of our clients and the metal recycling sector in Southern Ontario.  We are particularly encouraged by the brighter picture.

According to the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI), 50% of Canada’s recycling happens across the industrial manufacturing belt in Southern Ontario and close to 80% of that is from Hamilton to Oshawa. Our offices are located in the core of Toronto with clients spanning Ontario and North East United States.  A key business objective is to continue to work with our clients to help them stay ahead as the sector rebounds.  Lowering costs and boosting competitive differentiation are important to stay ahead even in the worst market conditions. We offer our clients competitive prices, environmentally friendly service, flexible terms and customized billing reports!

Our team is ready to evaluate your metal recycling, used industrial equipment and waste requirements to maximize your profit and minimize disposal charges. Please call us at 416 240 0325 or 1866 398 7519 for a complimentary, no obligation assessment..


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