Earth Day: Working Together To Safeguard Our Planet

March 22nd, 2012 | Blog, News

On April 22nd, GB Resources will join more than one billion people worldwide to increase awareness and celebrate the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day. This is the largest environmental event worldwide. The international theme is “Mobilize the Earth ( At GB Resources, we are proud to contribute to safeguarding the environment through community stewardship, our core business and continuous improvements.

Community Stewardship, A Core Value

Having a clean environment is a benefit to our business, our neighbourhood and citizens of our community. We worked hard all year to maintain and improve our surroundings. Our offices are situated in the heart of Toronto, surrounded by a community centre that is under development, residential homes, green spaces, and industrial offices. Community stewardship is of paramount importance as such, GB has retained private year round, weekly cleaners to maintain the street in the area of its business. This is in addition to the Municipality’s scheduled street sweeping activities. This Spring, we will be planting additional trees on our premises. A core value of our Company is to be mindful of the environment, each and every day.

Helping the Environment, Our Core Business

A core area of GB’s business is scrap metal recycling. We recycle ferrous and non ferrous material. Our Company is committed to educating the community and raising the awareness of the benefits of scrap metal recycling. Ferrous metals contain iron for example; steel, pig iron, cast iron, wrought iron, iron nails, steel bolts, and nuts. Non-ferrous metals are metals such as brass, copper, lead, and aluminum. According to Planet Ark, recycling aluminum to make cans save 95 percent of the energy used to produce these cans from bauxite. Recycling metals reduces the environmental and economic costs of mining new metals. Another global benefit is that recycled scrap metal serves as a supply of metal to domestic manufacturers and a low-cost source of metal exports to the developing world. Recycling metal saves energy.

Continuous Improvement

As a scrap recycler, we are committed to continuous improvement through the pursuit of ISO 9000 & ISO 14001. The development of environmental management standards improve our customer experiences, internal efficiencies, and increase compliance with international best practices and laws. Our business efforts are focused on helping the environment and safeguarding our planet.

Whether it is through business practices, continuous improvements or care for our neighbourhoods, we believe that together we can change the world. We invite you to join a local Earth Day event or campaign to elevate the importance of environmental issues around the world.

Visit Earth Day Canada for their top 10 Actions to help the environment. Call us at GB Resources Group at 416 653 2145 to recycle with us.

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